indieYogaLove was born with a personal desire to share my journey into yoga and life filled with love. To document this growing space in my heart in a space online. To enrich, to show, share and grow with others. I started my yoga practice in November 2013 with a few intermittent sessions of Bikram yoga. In January 2014 I started following videos at home. It has since flourished into home practice, meditation, journal writing, reiki – inner peace and a heart filled with happiness. I’d love to share this journey with you. And I hope you’ll share yours with me.

The sections of this blog space include
DAILY PRACTICE |A snapshot and quick blurb or video link to yoga positions/videos that I’ve worked through today.
DEAR YOU | A letter to someone in the universe. Perhaps some day, someone who needs these words will stumble upon them in the time they need it.
INSPIRED MANTRAS | Quotes, notes, poetry and beautiful mantras that I have found around the internet.
PERSONAL REFLECTION | Just a few personal stories, musings and moments from my personal yoga journey.

Namaste. x


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