Yoga | Progress

20140527-201041.jpgI’ve been practicing hanumanasana for a little bit each day and I’m so impressed by the results I can see in such a short time. It may not look like much but the top pic my front leg is not touching the floor but the bottom one about two weeks later my front leg is down on the ground. Yay for progress.


Yoga | Ardho Mukha Svanasana


Ardho Mukha Svanasana

Downward Facing Dog is probably one of the first and most common yoga poses that you’ll come across. I love this pose and it’s so easy to transition from one posture to the next through downward dog. It has been part of the #mayibeginyoga Challenge on the @beachyogagirl Instagram profile. You can check out a simple video tutorial on it here via Yoga Journal.

Yoga | Uttanasana

Forward Fold
Today’s Practice: Day 8 of the #mayibeginyoga from @beachyogagirl – follow along by using the Instagram Hashtag #mayibeginyoga for the month of May. It’s great for beginners and only includes one posture per day (You can find the list of postures on Beach Yoga Girl’s Instagram account). Pretty soon though, I think you’ll find it quite hard to just do the one! This posture is Uttanasa – deep forward fold and gives an amazing stretch down the back of the legs.