Dear You | Focus

Dear You,

Focus on what is important. Focus on relationships, being happy, sharing love, being loved. Focus on nourishing your body, feeding your mind with positive happy thoughts, getting enough sleep. Focus on the people you love. Focus on the friends and family that make your world. Do not let your mind wander to the peripheral things, the meaningless nothingness – the numbers, the numbers of any kind. Numbers are intangible. Focus on what makes you human, what makes you and your experience in this world real. The rest will follow.


Dear You

You are beautiful. You are loved. You are of infinite potential. You live in this space, in the now – surrounded by everything that is magical. You are your own unique being. You are filled with energy and love and big dreams and you can make those dreams real. You can live beyond your wildest hopes, you can create your wildest fantasies. You can fill this space, right here, right now – with your own glorious love. Go, go now and be free.